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Join Slido as a participant

Slido is an interaction platform that enables you to send questions to the speakers and vote in polls. Just use your smartphone, computer, or other device and speak up!

🚀 If your event uses QR code, just scan it with your phone to join!

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Join Slido event

There’s no need to download anything or sign up! All you need to do to go to the event is an event code, event link or a QR code. If the organizer sent you the event link or a QR code, just follow it and you're in!

For joining via the #eventcode (usually starts with a #):

  1. Open slido.com in your browser
  2. Type in the event code on the left
  3. Wait to be re-directed to the event

This is how joining with event code a computer usually looks like: 

And via a mobile device: 

⭐️ Don’t seem to have the event code?
Reach out to the meeting organizer or registration desk, check out the event program, look at the projection screen, or just ask somebody sitting next to you.

Introduction screen in Present mode: 


Engage during the event

With Slido, you can be part of the discussion even though you’re naturally shy. The question sent via Slido will appear on the big screen and on your device. In the Questions tab, you can upvote the questions of others, or send through your own.


⭐ You can edit or withdraw your question within 5 minutes after you sent it unless your question is approved and highlighted in Present mode. 

When polls are activated, you can vote for your preferred answer, rate the sessions, or give text feedback to the organizers.



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