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Restrict sign-up for your company domains

If you wish to make sure that people in your company don’t create their own personal Slido accounts but are instead part of your team's organization, you can restrict their Slido sign-up.

💡 Available for Enterprise and Institution licenses with at least 10 additional users. Can be set up only by the account Owner.

This feature is especially important if you want to make sure that all your user accounts are centralized under one single license, since users under a restricted domain will not be able to create their own accounts or be invited to accounts outside of the main one, excluding Guest access.


In this article:


Request domain restriction

To set up domain restriction, open Organization settings and billing and then Restricted sign-up

Enter the domains you wish to restrict sign-up for and hit Send Request. We’ll then review it and get back to you.

Choose how to approve new sign-ups

If we approve your request, you’ll be able to choose the default behaviour for new sign-ups with the specified list of domains.

Required approval

A new sign up will result in a request to join the main organization that can be approved by any account admin.

Auto approval

New users will automatically join the organization after verification of their email address. 

💡 This option isn't available for accounts with Member SSO enabled. 

Please note that once there are no user seats available under the account anymore, the process automatically changes from "Auto approval" to "Request access". It will automatically switch back to Auto approval once new user seats are purchased.

Custom setup

New users will be shown a (customizable) link to follow to continue the sign-up process.