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Get participants' names and emails

If you wish to capture the names of participants submitting their questions or voting in polls, you can simply enable the option of requiring the name when they join the event. In case you are interested only in the names of participants voting in polls, you can ask for their credentials via a Survey. Apart from names, you can also require participants' email. 

To see who got the most questions right in a quiz, there's no need to set anything up. Your participants will be asked to add their names automatically. Learn more about how to Run a quiz via Slido.  

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Ask for a name and email via Settings

To enable capturing names and emails, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Privacy on the left
  3. Click the toggle to turn on Require authentication
  4. Toggle on Require name and/or Require email


This is how it works for your participants. They can still choose to vote and submit questions anonymously. Ask them out loud not to use the anonymous option, if you really need to capture their names:

⭐️ You can see the names both next to submitted questions and in your exports.

Once the event is finished, go to event Analytics and export the polls per user results.


Ask for name and email in a Survey

You can add poll questions 'What's your name?' and 'What's your email?' at the beginning of your Survey no matter if it's a set of rating Polls, a feedback or a student exam. 

This is how your participants will see it:


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