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Run polls and surveys via Slido

Polls are a very simple way to learn something more about your audience, gather insights but also let them express their opinion. Once you activate the poll question, participants can send their votes through their devices and results get updated in real-time.


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Create your poll

Log in to Admin and select the Polls tab to create your first poll question. Simply choose the type of poll you wish to create, type in your question with the options, and hit save. 

You can select from the following poll types:

  • Multiple choice poll - a single poll question with options and the possibility for participants to select one or multiple answers
  • Rating poll - a single poll question with stars rating (1 - 10)
  • Word cloud - a single poll question that transforms the most popular words or short phrases sent by the audience into a cloud of words
  • Open text - a single poll question with an open answer allowing for longer texts to be submitted
  • Survey - a set of various poll types usually used for feedback or to activate multiple polls at once
  • Quiz - a set of multiple-choice polls with correct answers and leaderboard

If you wish to add a picture to your poll question, click the image icon on the right and upload it from your computer. 

💡Our poll templates are a great inspiration for a number of meetings, such as conferences or training sessions. To give your polls some context, open the three-dot menu and write a description of up to 256 characters long.


Edit and re-order your polls

You can edit your poll question anytime by clicking the three vertical dots next to it. To change the order of your polls, drag and drop your selected poll question. 


🚀 Quick tip: Hide poll results
To get an unbiased vote from each of the participants, you can hide the results before you activate the poll.

How to hide poll results video tutorial


Activate a poll

Once you're ready, hover over your poll and click the play button to activate it. Live results will be displayed in the Present mode as people start sending their votes. Every participant can vote once. 

Unless you create a Survey or a Quiz, you can activate only a single poll at the time. 

🚀Pro tip: Activate multiple polls at the same time
If you wish to activate multiple polls at once, you will need to merge your single polls into a Survey, or create your Survey from scratch. Then, activate it the same way as you would with polls. This feature is available in our advanced paid plans. Learn more about the Survey feature

To create a set of multiple-choice questions with correct answers and leaderboard, create a Quiz

This is how your participants see the survey: 


Deactivate the poll or activate the next one

Once people have finished submitting their votes and you've discussed the results, it's time to move to the next poll question or get back to the presentation. Activate the next poll or close it by clicking the stop button.

🚀 Quick tip: Lock the voting
While discussing the results, you can lock the voting. People won't be able to vote or change their mind even though the poll is still activated.

How to lock poll voting video tutorial


View or export your results

After the event, you can go to the Analytics tab and easily scroll through the event results and export them.

💡 Exports are available in all paid plans. 



Surveys expand on the features mentioned above by combining multiple polls into a single form. This is a great way of gathering insights, votes, and opinions on multiple questions at once or some feedback after the event.

To create a survey, simply click Create a survey when creating a poll, as demonstrated in Step 1.


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