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Team Management

All about Team Management
Slido allows you to add users to your annual plan for an additional fee so they ... more
Purchase additional users for your account
You can add colleagues or coworkers under your annual subscription so they could... more
Transfer event ownership
If a member of your organization left the company, or if someone needs full admi... more
Invite new users to your team account
If you wish to invite new users to your team account, there are two ways to do i... more
Share access to your event
If you’re organizing an event with multiple rooms or you’re expecting a bigger a... more
Manage access of your organization members
As the owner or admin under the license, you can set the team roles and permissi... more
Change the license owner
In some situations, an Owner of the license may wish to transfer the ownership t... more
Switch between two different organizations
With your Slido account, your email address can be associated with different org... more
Update the name of your organization
- Open Profile settings - Go to Organization settings - Change the name and ... more
Set up Single sign on for your participants and members
With an annual Enterprise license or the EDU Institution license, you are able t... more
Member (SCIM) provisioning
Member provisioning in Slido Admin implements the SCIM protocol (http://www.simp... more
Restrict sign-up for your company domains
If you wish to make sure that people in your company don’t create their own pers... more