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Invite people to Slido before your meeting [Invite Template]

Along with sending the meeting invitation, it's a great practice to let people know that you’ll be using Slido. Below find an invite template for your inspiration. 

“Dear all, 

Thanks for accepting the invitation to [meeting name]. We will be using Slido to help facilitate our interactive Q&A, collect your questions in advance and hear your feedback via live polls.

To send your questions, please click [link to your Slido event] or go to www.slido.com and enter [your event code]

Tips & Reminders for submitting questions

  1. Questions can be submitted anonymously
  2. We encourage you to access Slido before and during the meeting to review and upvote what others have posted. We can then address the questions based on the audience interest priority.

If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to contact [responsible person].”


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