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Sign up and create your event
- Go to slido.com (http://slido.com) - Click Sign up - Fill in your details ... more
Change your password
You can change your current password in My profile section. 💡 This option is n... more
Update your email address
If your email address changes or for any reason you have to create a new one, yo... more
Purchase a plan
Even if your event starts in a few days or weeks, you can upgrade online already... more
Procuring Slido
If your company requires to go through a procurement process when purchasing Sli... more
Your invoice in Slido admin
Once you successfully finish your payment, your invoice and order details will b... more
Check the expiration date of your license
To make sure you benefit from your license for another year, just renew it befor... more
Renew your annual plan
You can renew your annual plan online directly from your account, or request an ... more
Reset your Slido password
Are you having trouble logging in? Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. Cl... more
Update your email preferences
From time to time we send out emails we think may be useful to you. These email... more
Apply the same settings for all events
Do you prefer moderating the questions, having your company logo uploaded or sec... more
Deleting your Slido account
If you’ve created a duplicate account, started using your company's license or y... more
Privacy FAQ
We take privacy and security seriously. Find answers and learn more about our co... more
Slido for Nonprofits
We love to support organizations that help make the world a better place. Our Sl... more
Slido for Education
We believe that Slido can play an essential part in education by facilitating in... more
Experiment with Slido using Labs
Slido Labs allows you to try and test experimental features in Slido. We created... more