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Switch between Slido and your presentation using Switcher

Switcher for Mac or Windows is a free desktop app that allows you to seamlessly integrate Slido with your slides or any other presentation formats such as Prezi, Keynote, PDF or Microsoft's Office 365.

It is especially useful if you're a solo presenter or using only one computer at your event. Using Switcher, you can display Slido polls or questions remotely using your smartphone as a remote control.

💡 Switcher is free. You can use it with all our plans.


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Set up Switcher

  1. Download and launch the Switcher
  2. Sign in with your Slido account and select your event
  3. Let the Switcher run in the background
Remember to connect your computer that runs Switcher to the projector

🚀 Check the Switcher troubleshooting article if you have issues downloading or running Switcher on your computer

Start your presentation

You can now open your PowerPoint, Keynote or PDF slides and start presenting on fullscreen.

Use your smartphone as a remote control

Log in and access Slido Admin view on your secondary device such as your smartphone, tablet or a computer. You can think of it as the remote control.

💡You can access your Admin also from our native app for Android or iOS 

Activate polls

You can activate polls during the presentation at any time and display them live to your audience on the screen as well as their mobile devices. Click play to activate the poll and click stop to return back to your presentation.

Switch to questions

If you want to display questions from your remote or a computer, simply click the presentation icon and select Questions. If you'd like to go back to your presentation, click back on the presentation icon and choose Presentation.

🚀Use a keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + D for Windows or Ctrl + Option/Alt + D for Mac to display Slido

Switcher troubleshooting

Having issues downloading or running Switcher on your computer? Check out this article

It will help you solve the following situations: 

  • I can’t download Switcher
  • Switcher doesn’t load
  • Switcher is offline
  • I can’t see “Switch button” or “Switch to presentation” option on the secondary device
  • Switcher is not switching between Slido and the presentation
  • Compatibility with other software/devices
💡We recommend using the standard desktop version of Internet Explorer with your Office 365



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