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Share access to your event

If you’re organizing an event with multiple rooms or you’re expecting a bigger audience, you might need an additional administrator to help you approve questions or activate polls. 

You can share your event with as many guests as you need. A guest can only be added to a single event at a time within the same organization and can't access event settings. 

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Invite guests to your event

You can invite additional administrators to the event by email or using a shareable link. 

To send an email invitation to a guest: 

  1. Open Settings and select Share access
  2. Type in the email address of the person you'd like to add
  3. Select invite to send the email invitation

If you wish to enable a shareable link, simply toggle in the option, copy the link and share it via email or your preferred communication tool. 

💡 The email invitation link is valid for 30 days. You can resend or revoke the guest invitation anytime.

Invite guests when Single Sign On is set for your Slido Organization

If you're using SSO for your Slido organization, you can only invite people who are already members of the organization. To allow guests to log in without SSO, the organization owner needs to enable the option Exclude guests from SSO in the Member SAML/SSO settings under Organization settings. 

⭐ Only the owner of Slido organization can change the SSO settings

Manage guests

If the guest's email invitation expired, you can simply resend it or revoke it. You can also revoke access of any existing guests. 

  1. In Settings go to Share access
  2. Click the three vertical dots next to the added admin
  3. Select Revoke access/Resend invite


Guest competencies

People you invite to help with your event can do all the actions related to running Q&A, Polls and Ideas. They can't access and change event settings.

✅ Guests can:

  • Moderate, archive, answer, label, highlight or delete questions
  • Activate, edit or create new polls
  • Activate, edit or create new ideas
  • Access event Analytics
  • Download exports

❌ Guests can't:

  • Change the event code or event dates
  • Change the privacy settings
  • Create, turn on and turn off multiple rooms
  • Add event branding
  • Access event Settings 


⭐ If the guest is already a member of the Slido organization, they can access and change event settings. They keep their organizational rights and role.


Useful tips and troubleshooting

  • Tip 1: How Guests accept your invitation
    Once you invite a Guest, they'll receive an email with the invitation. If they don't have a created Slido account, they'll be asked to create one. If they already do have it, they can simply log in. To access the event in the future, after accepting the invitation, they can do so by visiting www.slido.com and logging in. One person can be a Guest only in one event at a time.
  • Tip 2: Add your colleagues to multiple events with full access to event settings
    If you want to share multiple events with your colleagues and let them access the event settings, you can add them as additional users. Read the article about our Team management feature that explains how it works. 
  • Troubleshooting: "Please use email from suggested users" error
    If you're getting this error and you are a license owner, go to Organization settings - Member SAML SSO and make sure the Exclude guests option is checked. If you're not a license owner, copy the article link and contact the license owner to do so.
  • Troubleshooting: "This user has been deactivated and cannot be invited as a guest" error
    If you're getting this error, it means that the user you're trying to invite is currently a deactivated member of your organization. Before being able to invite the user as a guest to your event, they have to be either reactivated or completely removed from the Organization first. This can only be done by the Organization Owner and Admins. If you're not one of them, copy the article link and contact them with your request.


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