Disable Slido features

Some organizers or meeting owners decide to use Slido only to poll their audience or crowdsource questions. As a result, they don't necessarily use all features at the same time.

Disable individual features in event settings

To make sure the participants land directly questions, polls or ideas, you can disable the individual features in settings. The tabs will disappear from both your Admin interface as well as from Participant mode.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Features
  3. Choose which features you wish to use

Disable Q&A via Present mode

Our Q&A feature is turned on by default. If you're managing Slido directly from Present mode and only wish to use polls, surveys or quizzes, you can also disable Q&A directly from there so that your participants aren't distracted by it.

  1. Open Settings in the control panel
  2. Click on Disable Participant Q&A

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