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Learn About Slido

What is Slido?
Slido (pronounced as Sly-doh) is an easy-to-use Q&A and polling platform for liv... more
Join Slido as a participant
Slido is an interaction platform that enables you to send questions to the speak... more
Event code explained
An event code is a unique code that allows participants to join your event (http... more
Learn about different modes in Slido
Your account comes with three modes that help you to set everything up, test and... more
Crowdsource audience questions
Using the Questions feature, attendees can use their smartphones to send their q... more
Run polls and surveys via Slido
Polls are a very simple way to learn something more about your audience, gather ... more
Brainstorm and collect ideas in Slido
The Ideas feature allows you to collect ideas from your colleagues or clients in... more
Which browsers are compatible with Slido?
To make sure Slido runs smoothly during your event, we test it regularly on the ... more
Can I trial Slido?
Would you like to see how Slido works? Just sign up (https://help.sli.do/749681-... more